Loans new rules have landed other 2 floating loan interest rate 5%~20%

Yesterday, reported that CITIC Bank, such as Hefei rules introduced, first lending base rate, attracted wide attention. Yesterday on the battalion learned that, China Merchants Bank, such as Hefei rules also introduced implementation, first about the same rates of other banks. And in terms of housing, Hefei several bank-home loan interest rate for floating 5%~20% standards.
following CITIC, Societe Generale and other banks to clear local rules no loans to home buyers after the implementation of the benchmark interest rate, yesterday's Nan Qi China Merchants Bank Branch staff, different property policies may be different, the first standard suite by the branch of his grasp, each branch will have some differences. A real estate consultant in cooperation with the China Merchants Bank helped reporters after consultation with the Department of China Merchants Bank mortgage staff replied, "as long as your loan is repaid, can be calculated according to the first set, 30% down payment, interest rate benchmarks, we and the people's livelihood, the Merchants Bank have to cooperate, these mortgages are now standards.
according to the investigation of Hefei currently sluggish first home loan launched clear local rules in the process, benchmark interest rates as banks compete for mortgage customers a magic weapon. In the secondary market, loan is not so cheap. BACK
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