Qinghai nearly 1 billion yuan undertaking small loans to more than more than 20,000 poor women

Reporters at the news briefing of the 12th Congress of women in Qinghai province have learned in the past five years, the province's poverty in support of women's entrepreneurship, loans of nearly 1 billion yuan (RMB, same below), benefiting more than more than 21,000 women.
Yao Yang, Deputy Minister of introduction of development of Qinghai provincial women's Federation, for many poor women are now some good business idea, "for example, to open a small shop, processing ethnic jewelry products, but lack of funds at hand, the good ideas often fail to make money. "
" to support women's entrepreneurship, we are seeking to support the financial sector, the establishment of women's entrepreneurship small secured loan, simplifying loan procedures, but the interest on small loans to individuals by the central financial 100% discount, discount 25% labour-intensive enterprises. "Yao Yang said.
it is understood that the women in Qinghai province to set up small secured loans, maximum amount to 80,000 yuan in individual small secured loans, partnership venture, employment of women, the maximum loan amount is 100,000 yuan per capita, labor-intensive enterprises up to 2 million Yuan.
Yao Yang said the loan program to support women's entrepreneurship in the province focused on cultivation (aquaculture), handmade products processing, food service, garment processing, food and general merchandise distribution industry.
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