Small loan company unveiled a new ban on the trial list

Small loan company unveiled a new ban on the trial list is limited to domestic
on micro-credit company laws and regulations have not been perfect, higher risk of small loan companies, could not reach the motherboard, the GEM listing conditions and, therefore, more and more micro-credit companies looking to a new ban. This year, there are 10 small loans listed company listed or proposed new ban.
"there is no micro-credit companies in Guangdong Province has listed the intention of the new ban," Guangdong southern financial innovation Institute special researcher Xu Bei said in an interview with the FT in the countryside, he had worked at the Association of small loan companies, also in Guangdong Province, small loan companies and materials group, "this is the biggest problems involved policy issues. "
in accordance with the 2008 23rd provisions of the CBRC, micro-credit from no more than two banking institutions into funds, obtain funds from banks and financial institutions of balances, net shall not exceed 50% of the loans of the same borrower shall not exceed the net capital of a microfinance company 5%. The CBRC issued the administrative measures for microfinance companies, Central Bank this year (draft for soliciting opinions), eased the financing restrictions. Meanwhile, the provincial Finance Office on this specific provision is different.
this year the tone of ban of 10 small loans, and the tone of the new company, 7 were from Jiangsu. Finance Office, this is because this year, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, have developed the micro-loan companies filing guidelines and the Jiangsu Province listed microfinance company management guidelines (provisional), in order to promote the innovative development of a microfinance company in the province and strengthen the small loan company to be listed the training of management, regulating small loan company listing procedures. BACK
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