4 small loans companies submitted in the Hong Kong stock exchange listing application

Currently 4 small loan companies are submitting applications for listing of the stock exchange in Hong Kong, Hui Xin, Quanzhou city, Fujian province, respectively a microfinance company, Zhejiang Province, zuolike of a microfinance company, Wujiang city, Jiangsu Province, Huitong Financial Corporation, Sichuan Huafeng finance group. In June, the micro-loan and guarantee business in Chongqing Han-Joaquin-controlled company listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in August 2013, luxiang Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu rural micro-credit companies listed in the United States.
at the same time, there are micro-credit companies targeting regional equity markets, Shandong qilu stock trading center only has 7 small loan company listing, according to incomplete statistics, this year there are more than 10 small loans companies choose to list on the new Board. In addition to seeking capital market financing, in September this year, Wenzhou ruian, Zhejiang Huafeng small loan company approved the country's first in a non-public offering way a microfinance company preferred stock, the first phase of raising capital of 100 million Yuan, and there are two small loan company in preparation for the preferred stock issue.
4 small loan company in Hong Kong make by submitted listed application, industry analysis people said, according to silver prison will of provides, small loan company only using "not over two a banking financial institutions of into funds", and foreign financing "shall not over capital net amount of 50%", addition, "only loan not save" of low lever operation mode makes many small loan company funds liquidity poor, and sources tension. At present, the issuance of private debt, a trust to finance into the mainstream. "From a regulatory point of view, due to the small credit businesses are in place on most of the financial regulation, and many provinces pushing multi-channel financing of small loan companies, aims to stimulate these institutions of civil society to play a role of local small business loans. "A financial Office in an area in the East who told the economic information daily said. BACK
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