Second Wuxi Provident Fund loan limit removed

From November 1 Wuxi lift restrictions provident funds second mortgage, this means the Provident Fund loans more and more "people".
under the terms of executed before October 1 this year, employees Provident Fund loans once the housing area for the first time more than 120 square meters, shall enjoy Provident Fund loan for the second time. On October 1, to further develop the housing accumulation Fund of housing security, support staff to improve their living conditions, Wuxi conditions were part of the opening of the second mortgage, as long as this area of more than 120 square meters of housing property has been transferred, will again use the Provident Fund loans. From November, the provident funds second mortgage line release. Second mortgage loans for the first time no longer housing area, as long as the Provident Fund loans have been paid off for the first time, it can lend. Second down-payment shall not be less than the total housing Provident Fund loans 30%, loan interest rate for the same period the Provident Fund loan interest rate of 1.1 times.
it is understood that the Provident Fund loan policy adjustments, providing for the down-payment on the loan for the first time: November 1, the Provident Fund loans for the first time, an area of 90 square meters (inclusive), down-payment required of the total housing price 20%; type area is above 90 square meters, down-payment required of the total housing price 30%.
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