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Pterosaurs credit was established in 2007, is one of the first network of P2P lending platform in China, is the first business license scope by adding "private lending broker business service" credit enterprise of P2P networks.
pterosaurs of legend holdings today announced a strategic investment loan, this action is considered legend continues to invest in the Internet, an important signal, also means that the pterosaur loans represented by P2P have been large capital and brand focus.
data show that starting in 2012, pterosaurs credits total turnover of tens of millions of Yuan, boosted by P2P lending concept 2013 are linear increase to 300 million Yuan, as of October 31, 2014, turnover enlarged to 1.723 billion yuan, after August monthly turnover exceeding 200 million Yuan.
it is understood that from 2010 legend to develop medium-term development strategy, through purchase and building of core assets, rapid growth, the company has formed IT, real estate, consumer and modern services and modern agriculture sector of business layout.
in the hand of legend holdings, pterosaurs loan, select the legend is not merely about money, important legend years of experiences and resources. Meanwhile, Legend Holdings, investment strategy and style that fits the pterosaurs and loan needs.
, reportedly, Legend Holdings invested 900 million Yuan billions holding pterosaur credits, legend executives of strategic investment would be assigned any pterosaur credit President. However, legend holdings and pterosaurs the loan has not confirmed the news, but also did not disclose the proportion of legend holdings shares.
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